Insect Repellent

100% Natural and effective mosquito deterrent is guaranteed to do the work. Mosquitoes and other biting nasties will brake their teeth on this one! This is a safe alternative to DEET and other toxic insecticides that are abundant in the most commercial mosquito repellents. It is easy and safe to use! Just spray on the skin and rub it in. A synergy blend of citronella, catnip, and other essential oils in this formula create a powerful and natural insect deterrent.

As with all essential oils preparations discontinue to use immediately if any signs of skin irritation occurs. Do not use on infants and small children.   Although it is safe for adults, please use products containing essential oils with caution on small children and infants.  Try it  on in small quantities first at our own risk. 
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Natural Mosquito Mist
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