Our loose mineral foundation powder gives long-lasting, flawless, natural-looking and silky smooth coverage without clogging the pores. It has an estimated SPF-15 and is water and sweat proof, which makes it a perfect makeup choice for beach, gym or outdoor sports. 
Full size 30gm jar contains 10gm by weight of the foundation powder.Economy size jar contains 7gm of powder and trial size jar contains 1.5 gm of powder.

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Price and Packaging:

  • Full size 30-gram sifter jar/ 10 grams by weight: $20
  • Economy size 20-gram sifter jar /7 grams by weight: $14
  • Trial size 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/2 teaspoon)/ 1.5 grams by weight: $5
  • Sample 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/4 teaspoon)/ 0.7 grams by weight: $2.50
  • Sample (1/6 teaspoon): $1