Finishing Powder

Our Finishing and Setting Powders are similar to Bare Escentual's mineral veil. They nearly translucent, match all skin tones and blend effortlessly to create matte flawless coverage. They work great as a mattefying powder over any type of foundation; loose, mineral or liquid.

Full size jar contains 10gm by weight of the finishing powder. Economy size jar contains 7gm of the powder and the trial size jar contains 1.5 gm of the powder.

Price and Packaging:

  • Full size 30-gram sifter jar/10 grams by weight: $20
  • Economy size 20-gram sifter jar/ 7 grams by weight: $14
  • Trial size 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/2 teaspoon)/1.5 grams by weight: $5
  • Sample 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/4 teaspoon)/0.7 grams by weight: $2.50
  • Sample (1/6 teaspoon): $1