Don't let your tan to fade away! Give your complexion a natural tanned and healthy look. Our loose mineral bronzers are handcrafted to add a soft and luminous glow to your skin. This smooth and silky powder is easy to apply and is recommended to use on cheekbones, chin and forehead. We offer three shades of mineral bronzers in warm and cool color tones.

Price and Packaging:

  • Full size 10-gram sifter jar/ 3 grams by weight : $10
  • Trial size 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/2 teaspoon)/1.5 grams by weight: $5
  • Sample 5-gram no-sifter jar (1/4 teaspoon)/0.7 grams by weight: $2.50
  • Sample zip-lock bag (1/6 teaspoon): $1