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Our all-natural mustache wax grooms, conditions and styles your mustache.

It is made with all-natural ingredients such as organic jojoba oil - for conditioning,  Castor oil - for shine and lanolin - to nourish the mustache hairs. NO preservatives, NO parabens, NO phtalates, NO GMO, NO artificial anything!

How to use: Our wax is hard at room temperature so for best results, you'll need to scoop out a tiny bit, (the equivalent of about one or two grains of rice)  rub it between the thumb and forefinger to soften it and apply to your mustache. Comb out the excess with a mustache comb or any really fine-tooth comb. Your mustache will shine and hold in place for hours and hours, as it is being conditioned. 

Available unscented ($9.00) or in citrus-cedarwood masculine scent ($10.00).

Ingredients: Unbleached beeswax, organic golden jojoba oil, castor oil, lanolin, essential oils (optional).

Packaging:0.5 oz ( 15 gm) recyclable jar packed into cotton US made organza baggie.

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